About JC and The Win4Weasel Project

Jackson Charles "JC" Meardon was born on December 13, 1999

JC was tragically struck and killed by a car on July 12, 2016.  The Win4Weasel project was started by his best friends to honor and remember their good buddy.  Weasel was a nickname appropriately given to JC by his father, because JC was full of tricks and laughs all the time!  But first and foremost,  JC  was a devoted soccer player who generously offered rides to practice and games and assistance to teammates who did have the resources  to provide for themselves. All funds raised for the Win4Weasel project go directly to the JC Meardon Soccer Foundation.   The foundation was started by JC's parents who aim to not only provide financial assistance and scholarships to soccer players in need, but to begin other ambitious projects in JC's name all related to the sport of soccer.

Thank you for your support!

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